Dare To Dream Radio

Dare To Dream Radio Programme

Dare To Dream Radio programme is a vital part of the DARE TO DREAM NETWORK. Currently the programme runs on SPLASH FM 105.5 MHz in Ibadan Oyo State between 6:15 – 6:30 am every friday..

Plans are also in place to air the programme on other radio stations in Lagos and Abuja to mention just a few.

The primary goal of this radio programme is to motivate and encourage men and women to use thier gift and potentials to fulfill thier God given destinies. Its main agenda is to encourage people to pursue their God given dreams

This radio programme continues to inspire and encourage countless people on a regular basis since its inception on 29th March 2009.

To experience the blessings of the broadcast in its totality, you can visit the resource segment or click.here to listen to any of the messages online or better still obtain any of the messages through our contact details.

God bless you.